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Lyly Food Industry Co., Ltd Welcomes You

Food Quality You Can Rely On

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Company Name


Date Established

May 2002

Main Business

Manufacturing & selling rice crackers, dried fruits & vegetable and snacks


#281, Street 105K, Sangkat kakab, Khan Porthisenchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Post code: 120912
Tel: +855-97-816-8888 (Sales Department)


Lylyfood Plant (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Lyly Kameda Plant (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Number of Employees

280 people ( 100 female)

12 Export Countries

-    Australia

-    Canada

-    China

-    Indonesia

-    Italy

-    Malaysia

-    Mauritius

-    Myanmar (Burma)

-    South Korea

-    Thailand

-    USA

-    Vietnam

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Our History

Ly Ly Food Industry Co., Ltd. was created in May 2002 by Her Excellency Oknha Keo Mom to produce Khmer quality food products, such as rice and snack crackers. As an empowered woman entrepreneur that time, she saw to it that her company would engage employees who were disadvantaged and hailed from humble beginnings, envisioning that she could contribute to their improvement of quality of life as a consequence of abject poverty. In other words, her food manufacturing company was not only designed to make profits but likewise graced with a corporate social responsibility.

From a start-up operation of 20 employees, the company’s human resource swelled currently to 250.

H.E. Keo Mom’s secrets success is her hard work and commitment to nutritious and healthy quality food products.

As the Chairperson of the Ly Ly Food Industry Co., Ltd., she explores keenly creative opportunities for the continued growth and progress of her firm amidst challenges of economic globalization. Her daughter-CEO, Ms. Ing Chhivly navigates Ly Ly’s business adapting to international product standards for increased revenues and profitability.

In year 2015, Oknha Keo Mom received a Cambodian Young Entrepreneur Championship Award for her leadership of Ly Ly Food Industry Co., Ltd. She is a pivotal force of many other organizations, including Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association of which she was a past President. She is the President of Devine Dharma Meditation Association of Cambodia (DDMAC). Notably, she is a Member of the Advisory Board of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia’s Executive Leadership Institute (PUC-ELI).

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About Subtitle


To provide the best Khmer quality products for the whole world to enjoy.


Lyly food will become Cambodia’s leading manufacturer by utilizing the best local ingredients from farmers where consumers are able to experience a variety of affordable and delicious products that they will never forget.



  • To provide employment opportunities to the poor and disadvantaged people so that they can improve their quality of life while building a prosperous community.

  • To directly source out organic rice, corn and other crops from farmers through sustainable farming programs.

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Commitment to excellence in quality & service



Team Work

Community Social Responsibility (CSR)

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        The Company’s logo is represented by a Happy Rabbit that symbolizes wisdom and diversity. It echoes the company’s sense of abundance in creating and manufacturing quality consumable food products which not only melt in the mouth but are digested for energy, health and wellness. In addition to that, the map of Cambodia looks like the shape of a rabbit that is why we color code our logo in white, red and blue which are the colors of the Cambodian flag.

LOGO LYLY 2016.png
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Nom Srouy Lyly Oiii! Chgang mes? Chgang mes? Chgang mes?

(Lyly crackers awww! Why is it so delicious? Delicious? Delicious?)

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